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Teens Against Human Trafficking (TAHT) is a nonprofit organization, founded in Iowa, whose mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking through the powerful voice of young people.

“It’s an organization by teens, for teens, to save teens. We are young, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to make a difference.”

– Lexi (18), founder

It’s done! But we’re not calling it curriculum; it’s so much more than that. It’s our TAHT Team Start-Up Guide. With a grant from the Junior League of Greater Des Moines, we developed and wrote the guide for the new teams to ensure their success. It’s only for the teens, but trust us, it rocks!

TAHT is a member of the Network Against Human Trafficking (NAHT).

TAHT is a member of Central Iowa Services Network Against Human Trafficking.

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First National Bank, Banking With Character, October 24, 2014 Check presented to TAHT Teacher Sponsor by FNB for the teacher sponsor’s classroom use.

Junior League of Greater Des Moines, Winter 2013, $6,300 Grant winner for Curriculum Development and Production.

100+ Women Who Care, November 2013, $5,000 presentation winner.

Mayor’s Youth Council, Ankeny, Group of the Year Nomination, March 2014.



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